Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for 45- to 88-Pound Dogs and Puppies, 6 Month

Product Description
As the top range of veterinarians, Merial Frontline Plus offers fast-acting, long-lasting flea and tick control for your dog. Within 12 hours of application, Frontline Plus should not only kill all the fleas, but additionally break the life cycle to prevent future infestations. It’s proven to kill all life stages of 4 main tick species, such as those that might carry Lyme disease. When you apply Frontline Plus, the active ingredient, fibronil, is stored in the sebaceous glands beneath the skin. It is then distributed continuously towards the skin and hair of the pet through the hair follicles. Frontline Plus provides total protection for 30 days. It’s waterproof, so your dog remains protected during and after baths and rainstorms. For dogs 45 to 88 pounds.

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My dog is a Chow mix and very furry. Ticks are impossible to find under her two layered coat till it is too late. In the beginning, I attempted cheaper brands. They focus on ticks but do nothing for fleas. Then my vet recommended Frontline. I later tried K9 Advantix given that they claim that they can also kill mosquitos, but I did not notice any difference with the little bloodsuckers. And also the protection from K9 Advantix didn't seem to last as long so i switched to Frontline.

Frontline works great for all of us. My dog is an outdoor canine and our county reportedly has much more deer than individuals. And with deer come deer ticks. I've seen deer in my backyard and my dog's house is very close to the woods for shade. And she likes to take the occasional jaunt with the woods. Still I rarely find a tick on her behalf. And when I do, they may be dead (or soon is going to be).

I wish I'd known Amazon was selling Frontline for a much better price sooner. I've been buying only 3 months worth for around $50 from an additional site for the last 2 years. Very frustrating since before very long, you're out. With 6 months worth I only have to keep in mind 2 times annually instead of 4.
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We love frontline plus! Our dog had a poor case of fleas d/t our re-locate to Wa. We are renting a location which was seriously infested. She's slowly improving. The vet suggested that we apply it every 2 weeks before issue is resolved and also to keep her from the water eventhough it states that it's waterproof. The vet also advised that we steer clear of toughing her because it interfers with the action from the product. All this info helped us and maybe might help others having a flea issue. This was the best offer we found!
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I live on Guam where it is very humid and hot all year round, so you can think of the trouble with the little monsters we have trying to find our pets. After i first adopted my canine from the shelter, had literally had countless ticks all over his body. Within a month, he was tick free and it has been ever since. If the worked on my once neglected pup, it'll focus on any dog!


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