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When trying something for the first time, mistakes are an inevitable part of your learning curve. But what if your mistake can jeopardize your dog’s life?
That’s the predicament I faced when I decided to put my new Shar-Pei litter and their mom on a raw food diet. I knew this type of diet was the best diet for my doggy family, but I was pretty nervous about switching them for fear of food contamination.

Seeing how puppies can be so fragile in their first few weeks, I didn’t want to risk their health by either introducing them to commercial food or inadvertently harming them with a raw food diet. In a way, I was damned if I did and damned if I didn't.
In this respect, Maggie Rhines’ “Going Rawr! Dog Lover's Compendium” was a real life saver. Her book really went into detail when it came to the issue of food safety.
From learning how to buy fresh to food handling, from preparation and serving to how much to prepare, from what to prepare to how to transition adult dogs, and how to wean pups… the list goes on!
If you’re planning to put your dog on the Raw Dog Food Diet, I recommend that you don’t start without reading this book first.
It will help you save money, save time and more importantly, it will give you the confidence to start your babies on this diet.
You can get more information on Maggie Rhines’ book here: ==>> deliciousdogdiet.com


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