How To Brush Your Dog's Teeth

I shows you how to brush your dog's teeth, to keep them healthy and strong. It is an essential part of pet care, so let VideoJug show you how to do it properly.
Step 1: You Will Need

Step 2: Open Mouth

The key to doggie tooth brushing is making it fun for your dog. With a leash attached, have the dog sit, and talk to him softly to keep him calm.
Open the dog's mouth. When you are able to do it, praise your dog.

Step 3: Feel The Teeth

Without a brush, get the dog used to you working with his teeth. Put some doggie toothpaste on your finger and gently rub his teeth while he licks your finger. Pet toothpastes are flavored so your dog will like the taste. Remember, this is fun! Offer treats.

Step 4: The Toothbrush

Now, you are ready to start with a toothbrush, dental sponge, or pad. The labels on the various products will tell you what's appropriate for your type of dog.
Then, get your dog used to the consistency and feel of it, especially the bristles of a brush. With a toothbrush, it's a good idea to let the dog play with the brush before it does its work. Let Fido know this brush thing isn't to be feared.

Step 5: Begin Brushing

To brush, talk pleasantly to your dog.

Get a few teeth done—the front ones are easiest to reach-- and praise the dog again.

Then work toward the other teeth. Dogs don't get much tartar on the inside surfaces of their teeth, so you only need to worry about the outside surfaces. Up and down, or side to side motions are fine.
Once brushed, no need to rinse.

Breath-Less Plaque-Zapper - Medium to Large - 30 pk.

Plaque Zappers support your pet's dental health, helping to control plaque, tartar and bad breath bacteria! Simply empty a fizzy packet into your pet's drinking water or onto wet food and let Plaque Zapper go to work. For dogs and cats over 12 weeks.

Breath-Less Plaque-Zapper - Medium to Large - 30 pk.

Pet Dental Battery Operated Toothbrush

The Pet Dental Battery Operated Toothbrush with pivoting cleaning head and soft nylon bristles effectively cleans teeth and helps remove bacteria, plaque and tartar. The ultra quiet operation is pet friendly and provides a fast and effective way to providing your pet with important oral hygiene.

Pet Dental Battery Operated Toothbrush

Petstages Dental Rope Chew Mini - 137

Cotton rope helps remove soft tartar as dog chews. Durable rubbery ring massages gums as dog chews knots. Add interest and challenge great for dogs of all ages! Cotton Rope MINI MULTI COLORED

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3M Nutri-Dog All Natural Dental Chews Large (6 ct)

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