How To Make Tasty Beef Stew For Your Dog

Make Tasty Beef Stew for Your Dog. Lavish love back on your pet with a delicious doggy dinner. Fresh ingredients and meaty chunks make this a healthy and wholesome treat.
Step 1: You will need
* 450 g stewing beef
* 3 medium potatoes
* 3 medium carrots
* 2 sticks of celery
* 1 ltr chicken stock
* 2 tbsp vegetable oil
* 1 knife
* 1 chopping board
* 1 vegetable peeler
* 1 wooden spoon
* 1 saucepan
Step 2: Prepare the vegetables

Peel 3 potatoes and dice into small pieces.
Chop 2 sticks of celery.
Top and tail the carrots, peel them using a knife and chop into small chunks.

Step 3: Brown the meat

Place a saucepan on a hob and turn the heat to a medium setting. Add 2 tbsp of oil and add 450g of beef. Cook the meat for a few minutes until it is brown on all sides.

Step 4: Stew the meat

Now add 1 litre of chicken stock and bring to the boil. Cover with a lid slightly ajar. Leave to simmer for 45 minutes.

Step 5: Add the vegetables

Add the vegetables to the pan, replace the lid and stew for another 45 minutes.


If your dog would enjoy a thicker stew, remove the lid after about half an hour.

Step 6: Cool

Take the stew off the heat leave to cool for a few minutes.


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